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Selection and buying wines and spirits

Our privileged professional contacts with producers allow us to select each year, high quality wines with sufficient volumes produced in each original vineyards.


Wines and spirits are stocked in air condidioned wharehouse before shipments.


1 - bottles :
* Maximum 10 different wines per shipment.

2 -bulk wine in tank :
* We also supply wines in alimentary plastic tanks 1 000 litres (10HL) and flexitank 24 000 litres (240 HL)

* Shipments are arranged from our different producer's warehouses ; an easy and quickly accessible way allows customers and transport companies to gain time for shipment.

* We usually work with well-known International shipping companies.

Shipping time

* Registered orders by our office are immediately carried out.

* We need 2 or 3 weeks between the date of the order and the day of shipment.

* We need 1 month for the first shipment.

  Our Markets

* France conditioned wines = 10%
* Export conditioned wines = 90%

* France bulk wines = 80%
* Export bulk wines = 20%


Warehouse (Gaillac)

Stock (Warehouse)