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The objective of France Vins Diffusion is to bring a complete service, to wines and spirits professional customers (Importers, Distributors, Grocers, Retailers, Brokers), mainly located out and far from French Vineyard.
We select for you our best French wines and spirits directly from our associate producers.

Why would you be interested in our products and our services ?

1 - because we can reduce and simplify buying process, we are sure that trough Internet links, you can gain time and money in placing quickly orders, simply track order confirmations, perform one-click replenishment of frequently used products.

2 - because we are specialized in French wines, you can benefit of our large range of wines (100 around) and a maximum of 15 different products available for each shipment :

* we are the only Company located in South West of France able to supply you in mixed container with wines and
spirits from 8 different French vineyards.

* we can supply you in high volume and we can guaranty you a regular quality.

3 - because we want to develop long-term relationship with our customers.

4 - because we can advice and help you to sell our wines in new marketing concept for retailing wines in shops, in restaurants and in supermarkets.


Created by Philippe Salles in 1999, President of France Vins Diffusion.
Oenologist, winemaker and farm Manager for the French wine trade companies and wineries (cooperatives) for 17 years.

France Vins Diffusion is not a negociant but the sale department of an Association of 50 French producers.


Head Office and main warehouse are located in Gaillac, in the center of French South Vineyards near Toulouse.
Others 3 wharehouses are located in Languedoc Roussillon and near Bordeaux.